GenoMiner is a next generation sequencing data analysis computer for biologists with or without IT background. With GenoMiner's easy to-use graphical interface you can analyze your sequencing data in your own lab with only 15 clicks!

Unlimited possibilities with custom applications

A wide range of standard, add-on and custom applications help you analyze and visualize data generated by Next Generation Sequencing machines. They share the same interface and have been designed to create a complete tool, serving your analysis needs from beginning to end.

Standard applications
These are installed on each GenoMiner by default:

  • Reference assembly
  • De novo assembly
  • ChiP-Seq
  • Hybrid de novo assembly
  • Hybrid referenve assembly

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Add-on applications
You can expand the value of your GenoMiner with the following add-on applications:

  • Quality assesment
  • RNA-Seq
  • Copy Number Variation (CNV)
  • Multiple Sequence Alignment
  • miRNA-Seq
  • Variant Calling

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Custom applications
Our engineers can develop solutions for the special needs of your lab or research, including custom database search and integration; annotation, motif search and novel element discovery; visualization; sequence analysis and manipulation tools; complex statistics and quality control and improvement tools.

Data management and security

With 8 terabytes of hard disk space as standard, GenoMiner provides sufficient storage capacity for all research applications. By using RAID architecture your valuable data is kept securely on the machine as long as you want it there. Data access and communication are secured and encrypted to avoid misuse of your important assets.


By integrating our hardware, software and services, we can minimize your transition time and costs, help you improve your research productivity. All GenoMiner products come with

  • 3 years warranty for hardware
  • Lifetime software updates
  • Technical support