Supporting customers in every step of a genomic research project
Our services complement our products and solutions to support customers in every step of a genomic research project. We understand that each project is different and standard workflows may not provide the answer to the exact research questions. Utilize our customized services to start, run and complete a successful project.

Study design

Poor design rather than poor performance or analysis is generally the main reason behind scientific studies unable to deliver the expected results. Put it simply: if we are asking the wrong questions, it is impossible to get the right answers. A detailed and sophisticated study design is the backbone of the hypothesis --> experimentation --> judgment --> conclusion process. After clarifying the objectives and identifying potential errors, we provide assistance in outlining research strategy and workflow (overall workflow management, clinical site-specific, wet and dry lab site-specific, etc.) and prepare a specialized domain model – with a detailed flow chart of sites, activities, entities, their attributes and relationships.


Apart from offering our proprietary software – SmartBiobank – Astridbio is able to provide the complementary infrastructure for your project. After acquiring the necessary licenses, we also undertake the collection, preprocessing and storage of human samples in our laboratory.

High-throughput experiment

Although Astridbio does not have the infrastructure to provide this service directly, we have close relationships with some of the world's most trusted providers. Most of our projects involve next-generation sequencing but we are familiar with suppliers of other platforms – e.g. microarray. Apart from helping you to identify the most suitable platform for the experiment; we can also provide assistance in choosing the ideal supplier and negotiating experimental details with your chosen provider.

Raw data analysis

Raw data analysis, also called secondary bioinformatics analysis, transforms the output of various high throughput laboratory instruments (i.e. next generation sequencers and microarrays) into datasets that can be further analyzed with tertiary bioinformatics tools.

Astridbio offers its proprietary GenoMiner systems for raw data analysis, but our developers are also able to create custom workflows – tailored to a particular research project.

Data integration

Data integration is performed on two levels:

  • If your experiment data originates from several different platforms (e.g. NGS + microarray + proteomics), the necessary links need to be established between the databases in order to enable subsequent analysis.
  • We identify public and third party databases that promise the necessary annotation possibilities with your research results. A detailed and up-to-date acquaintance with the available databases guarantees, that this selection procedure is as fast and accurate as possible.

Data integration is included in our Disease Discovery Suites, but as it can be utilized in non-human related research, it is a fundamental part of our service offerings. See an illustration for the process of data integration.

Data mining and Biostatistics

The primary goal of data mining is the identification of hypotheses to be later examined by statistical methods. Biostatistics has long been used for planning clinical tests and research projects, as well as interpreting the related results. Based on its strong statistical and mathematical background, Astridbio offers complex data mining services and appropriate statistical modeling to researchers.

Similarly to data integration, data mining and biostatistics are also included in our Disease Discovery Suites, but Astridbio provides custom services – based on research needs.

In-silico oligo design services

Our oligo design services include primer designing and optimization; further we provide customized vector and expression optimization solutions