Mapping and identifying genes responsible for variable susceptibility
The suite aids metagenomic studies, mapping and identifying genes responsible for variable susceptibility to major infectious diseases and genetic epidemiology studies. The suite is based on modules – created to answer specific questions. The modules can be customized according to the individual characteristics of the project.

Metagenomics Module

The module assists in microbial genome sequencing, in studying not easily culturable organisms and in studying organisms in their natural environment. Module components:

  •  Background Genetic Material Exclusion
  • rDNA-based Species Discovery
  • Annotation
  • Newly identified Gene Function Prediction
  • Phylogenetic Analysis

Non-host Genetic Material Assessment Module

Provides microbiological research-demanded solutions. Module components:

  •  Reference based identification of viruses and/or horizontal gene transfer events in genome
  • Marker identification for pathogen detection
  • In silico genus or species-specific primer design based on full genome comparisons
  • Multiple Sequence Alignment of cell line cultures
  • Microbial candidate (pathogenicity or resistance) gene/gene cluster identification

Individual Susceptibility Assessment Module

The module provides assictance for studies examining infectious disease susceptibility and resistance genes. Module components:

  •  Candidate Gene Polymorphism Evaluation
  • Segregation Analysis (family-based associations)
  • Genome-wide scan and linkage analysis